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Endgame in Destiny is only just the beginning. The first thing that happens is the Solar System map opens like the below, adding new options and difficulty.
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EndGame Game Modes

Daily Heroic Story Mission : A story mission is set for the day at level 20, usually with some modifiers, so expect some tough enemies. Rewards are XP and Vanguards marks. Setting the difficulty to lvl26 or lvl28 will get you ascendant shards or energy, 1 for lvl26, 2 for lvl28. Can only be done once a day.
Weekly Heroic Strike : One of the the strike missions in the game at level 22, 26 and 28. Rewards again are Faction XP and vanguard marks. Fireteam only, no matchmaking. The first succesful raid also gurantees strange coins. 3,6,9 depending on the level you take. It's 9 max, so if you do the 22 first you get 3, then do the 28 you'll only get 6.
With the Dark Below DLC, there
Weekly Nightfall Strike : A level 30 version of the weekly strike with modifiers, usually enemies with stronger shields, take more melee damage, ammo juggler etc. It's tough but you're pretty much guranteed a good reward at the end of it from 9 strange coins, to legendary\exotic engrams etc. Like the weekly, the rewards can only be gotten once a week.
Vanguard Strikes : 6 strikes, selected randomly from the strike missions in game. Missions are at lvl 18, 20, 22, 24 and 28 respectively. Vanguard rep and credits are your reward. (Playstation players have 2 extra strikes.)
Mission Difficulty : There's many more levels of difficulty now on the story missions. Higher level enemies can drop better items and there's better rewards at higher difficulties.
Raid Missions : A 6 person raid mission. Level 26, tough mission but great rewards. Currently the Vault of Glass. Fantastic for Ascendant shards\Energy and a great chance of legendary or exotic drops, while the new Dark Below dlc that has been launched recently has its own raid that you can find on the moon, called Crota's End Raid, completing the new raid has a good chance of dropping new raid armour that can get you to level 32 you can also get , new raid weapons, radiant shards, radiant energies and an emblem called Crota's end.
Exotic Bounties: Bounties that when completed will award the player with Exotic Weapons. You'll get the bounties from


EndGame leveling\Equipping up

You've finally reached level 20, so what next. Guess what?, level 20 is not the only cap as you can level up through armour "Light Points" to level 32. So buy those level 20 guns and you finally get to find out what those strange items you picked up throughout the game are for. Below are two materials you will start needing a lot more, in addition to what The Dark Below DLC contributes and other materials.
Strange Coins
Motes of Light
. There are certain vendors and factions that hold special Exotic Gear for your character and allow you to participate in the game's Raids more effectively. Be aware that these vendors or factions only have armor that goes up to +33 Light Points for each slot so that you are forced into getting Raid Gear in order to be level 32.

Endgame Vendors & Factions

  • Executer Hideo, New Monarchy (NM) - Found close to the Speaker and in a corner on the left-hand side if you're facing the Speaker's area entrance. NM's colors are red, black, and white. Their armor mainly focuses on and points in addition to your regular Light Points.
  • Lakshmi-2, Future War Cult (FWC) - Found in an upper floor room close to the Shipwright. FWC's colors are blue, yellow, white, and orange. Their armor mainly focuses on and points in addition to your regular Light Points.
  • Arach Jalaal, Dead Orbit (DO) - Found across from the Shipwright in a corner. DO's colors are black, white, and grey. Theirarmor mainly focuses on and points in addition to your regular Light Points.
  • Xur: Only shows up on friday and saturday

Endgame Farming

  • Patrols: You can do this solo or you can get a Fireteam together and just zip around the planets, picking up the random missions, collect the planet's materials, open chests and kill everything in sight. Keep an eye out for loot drops.
  • Public Events: While on patrol keep an eye out for the Public events, there can be good drops here and rewards when you return back to the Tower. Be sure to walk and survey the area afterwards for loot drops, i find the public events have a tendency to drop items that can be traded in for good loot on Earth.
  • Crucible: Drops and awards can be random but you can get some good engrams, motes of light, strange coins here and people have gotten legendary and Exotic weapons and armor as end of the round rewards.
  • Iron Banner: A ranked version of Crucible that gives Crucible drops, but has separate bounties and has better rewards from Lord Saladin. Only happens one week per month.


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