Weapons are the the most crucial pieces of equipment to any Guardian. Guardians in Destiny will be able to carry three weapons at a time. One slot will be reserved for a Primary Weapon, one for a Special Weapon and the last will be for Heavy Weapons. Each Weapon tracks experience individually, meaning the more you use a particular Weapon, the more it levels up. Furthermore, Weapons are fully upgradable and feature their own skill trees for progression. Check out the Weapon Stats page for more information on what each Weapon Stat does.


Weapon Types











Weapon Information

Weapon Multipliers

  • Precision Damage is indicated when yellow numbers appear over the target you are firing into. This would be similar to a critical hit in other MMOs.
  • Flinch Damage is essentially how much your bullets cause your target to react "flinch" when hit. The higher the multiplier, the more disrupted they will be when hit.
  • Base Zoom is the amount you zoom in when aiming before taking into account the Sight you have equipped.
Weapons Precision Damage Multiplier Flinch Multiplier Base Zoom

Basic_Auto_Rifle_Small.jpgAuto Rifles

1.25x 1x 1.5x

Basic_Hand_Cannon_Small.jpgHand Cannons

1.5x 1.75x 1.7x

Basic_Pulse_Rifle_Small.jpgPulse Rifles

1.5x 1x 1.7x

Basic_Scout_Rifle_Small.jpgScout Rifles

1.5x 1.5x 2x

Basic_Fusion_Rifle_Small.jpgFusion Rifles

None 1x 1.5x


1.25x 1x 1.2x

Basic_Sniper_Rifle_Small.jpgSniper Rifles

2.5x 2x 4x

Basic_Machine_Gun_Small.jpgMachine Guns

1.5x 2x 1.5x

Basic_Rocket_Launcher_Small.jpgRocket Launchers

1.5x 2x 2x

Vestian Destiny icon.jpg Sidearms

 x  x  x


 x  x  x


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