Cabal Solo.png "I think you could follow a trail of shattered worlds all the way to their home."


  • The Cabal have a far-reaching empire that exists primarily outside of our galaxy; the Cabal forces in the Milky Way being an advance force. The forces in Sol are based on Mars.


  • The Cabal are an enemy race in Destiny, with factions including the Dust Giants, Siege Dancers, and Sand Eaters. Everything from their armor, weaponry and vehicle technology is characterized by large size, heaviness and grime. Their design is based off the Roman empire and they are industrially built to expand and conquer.
  • When a Cabal invasion force leaves their governing center, they are exiled from the Cabal empire until they complete their objective. Defeat is quite literally not an option for them, which is why they fight so brutally to the last man.


  • Large, massive in size, stout in strength.
  • Upon death, they leak a viscous, oil like substance. This substance is used to power all of their technology, including their armor.

Social Structure

  • Legionnaires are front line soldiers who are the first to charge into combat with projectile weapons and jump-packs.
  • Phalanxes are line soldiers with submachine pistols and heavy, impenetrable shields.
  • Centurions are Legionnaires with heavier armor and shielding.
  • The Colossus is a huge soldier with heavy weapons and armor.
  • Psions are smaller Cabal that pilot ships and use abilities.


  • Force. Overwhelming force.

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