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  • The planet Venus in a structure known as the Citadel. They also have a presence on Mars and are in conflict with the Cabal.


  • Vex are a time traveling, partially robotic species in Destiny. They attack humanity in waves of metal, having arrived in the solar system via warp gates. Their culture is entirely foreign and strange to humans.


  • They feature a mixture of organic material and a brass like metal.
  • Bungie states their fascinating back story will be the reason behind one of the coolest deaths in the game.

Social Structure

  • Goblins are foot soldiers that are sent out in waves of overwhelming numbers.
  • Hobgoblins are larger than goblins with distinctive tails.
  • Minotaurs are larger than hobgoblins with 3 eyes and broad shoulders.
  • Hydras look like robot centipedes and attack with turrets attached to their segments.
  • Harpies are smaller units that fly and fire energy from their mouths.


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    • Anonymous

      at first I thought the vex where gigantic robot spiders it turns out there actually little guys that are weak

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