Combat in Destiny is conducted almost exclusively on First-Person view, and outside of the safe hub of The Tower. Players will find different boosts and perks that compliment their gear and abilities and create balance pvp and pve combat. The basic Mechanics are:



Melee & Melee Energy

Players can engage in Melee combat dependent on their fill of
melee energy
. The speed of the attacks is influenced by specific armor upgrades. Players may use daggers or even swords to perform melee attacks on enemies.

Ranged Combat

The majority of combat is performed via ranged attacks using ranged weapons such as pistols, cannons and rifles. Each weapon subcategory has specific weapon upgrades that determine things like reload speeds


Grenades are available to all classes with slightly different effects. The range, quantity and reload speed of grenades is determined by specific upgrades the player may chose.


Each class and sub-class have different abilities to use in combat, that can be enhanced by the chosen weapon.

Super Charged

Super abilities unlock when the player successfully defeats enemies, performs certain in-game actions, or picks up an Orb of Light. Killing enemies with Super abilities will drop an
Orb of light
, that can be gathered by team-mates to unlock their super state.

Each Destiny Class has its own super ability, to be performed by pressing both shoulder buttons on your controller simultaneously.

Golden Gun
Golden Gun

    • Gunslinger Skill.
    • Summon a flaming pistol which disintegrates enemies with Solar Light.

that disintegrates your enemies using Solar Light. Also see
Arc Blade

  • Titan has an ability called

Fist of Havoc
, which generates a large Arc area of effect attack.

Nova Bomb
, which creates a beam of destruction dealing Void damage. Also see
Solar Flare

Vehicle Combat

Players may opt to use vehicles during combat in pvp. Their characteristics are:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

Combat Tips

Reload Speed

" The majority of guns (primary weapons and special weapons) are actually reloaded when your guardian puts the cartridge in your gun. Yes, the gun is reloaded and you should be able to shoot now, but the animation keeps you from doing so. To counter this is really easy. As soon as you put your cartridge in your gun, press TriangleTriangle if you're on a playstation console, or YY if you're on an xbox console. This will automatically put your gun back in place allowing for you to shoot. If you want to do it even faster, while you're pressing TriangleTriangle or YY you can hold the L trigger if on xbox, or L2 if on playstation. This will allow a slightly faster way to shoot, and of course you are to spam the r trigger or r2 to get the shot out as fast as possible.

If having trouble practicing or getting this down, just look at your ammo numbers, as soon as changes to a full mag, just do the button combo.

If you aren't on the spot killing and you're just reloading in safety, then as soon as you are reloaded another way to cancel the animation is to also sprint!" [1]

Crucible Tips

Footage from top-ranked player demonstrates some tips on what to do.

  1. ^
    From Blahcookies via Reddit

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