Forces of the City

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Forces of the City are a non playable faction in Destiny. Used interchangeably with the acronym FOTC, there are no details of the faction's role as of yet.they have not appear in destiny yet but it has been confirmed they exist. but have not been seened yet because they are confined to there bases. they number 30 billion in number not including guardians they are divided into an army and aerospace force 20 billion strong army and a 10 billion strong aerospace navy which has control of there defacto air force. the aerospace force is confined like the army on there ground bases they currently function as city hammer and shield but right know function as a static shield .because Rasputin and awoken fleet are holding them at bay. because of this the city is know building up it,s forces to take back the system and universe from forces of darkness. they also have a different day to day command separate from the vanguard but subject to vanguard command right know.they are all well equipped with exotic Armour weapons they are all comparable to level 40 guardians in regular combat. they currently protect and hold the city and north and south america Iberia peninsula and southern and mid Europe and Scandinavia all the way to Greece, Africa and the middle east, Oceania plus japan a lot of Asia including India and a lot of Siberia. currently they are position to take back remaining territory on Earth if the order was given because the only remaining territory in fallen hands is the Caucasus

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