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Can I play Cross-platform? How about on the same brand?

  • All Destiny servers are individual to their console. So PS3 servers cannot play with PS4 players or Xbox360 with Xbox1. You may, however, upgrade from a "current gen" version of the game to a "next gen" version if you purchase a DIGITAL copy of current generation and complete the upgrade process before January 15th 2015.

Do I need an internet connection to play Destiny? Why do I get disconnected?

  • Yes, Destiny is an online only game. Please see this guide on port opening and NAT types for some ideas on how to improve connectivity (soon)

Do I need Xbox Live Gold or Playsation Plus to play?

  • The main story is available without the subscriptions, but the fireteam and online multiplayer aspect missions are locked behind PS+ and XBLG.

What are materials for?

  • Materials you gather in destiny are used for Upgrades to your Armor and Weapons. These materials are valuable and it is advisable that you dismantle unnecessary gear to provide for further enhancements to the gear you like. Materials obtained by special class armor dismantling are specific to that class, but weapon parts can be shared to upgrade weapons of any class.

What is Patrol Game Mode and how do I access it?

  • Originally called Exploration, Patrol is a mode that takes you to investigate certain areas. You can see a full list on its wiki page. Please note that this mode unlocks at level 4 with the Old Russia map. This mode is based on free roaming with optional missions that can be obtained from different points all over the map.

What is the recommended class/setup/etc?

  • Destiny has been designed with balance in mind so no one class is overpowered compared to others. You may chose your class based on the appeal of the playstyle for you: titans will be melee-friendly whilst hunters will focus on stealth and sniping, and warlocks on crowd control. Similarly, weapons types are well-balanced and you will be able to chose a weapon category you are comfortable with and deal similar damage to enemies. If you would like to see specific recommended setups, please visit the builds page.

How do I unlock Grimoire Cards?

How much character customization is there?

  • From the character creation screen there is some ability for customization. Each race and gender has their own face variations. Races and genders have some overlap with hairstyles and markings. Human and Awoken characters tend to be quite similar with Exo characters getting more unique features (like antenna). There is an array of colors for many of these options. All of your hard work will only be visible in The Tower where your character works without a helmet. Once you're in the game and progressing, shaders can be purchased from merchants to color certain armor pieces.

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  • Fextralife is a volunteer network. We use advertisement revenue to pay for software, servers, optimization and to fix bugs and add features. You can request features on our forums or the suggestions page. We have organized and paid for giveaways and will continue to promote and support the community. We do not have pop-ups. If you are getting them, please report the ad to our administrators at

How do I join the wiki?

  • The wiki can be edited by anyone by simply registering. You can also request a membership if you wish to upload your files to the site. If you wish to contribute more, visit our destiny forum here.

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