Focuses (or Subclasses) are class specific roles that players will be able to choose to customize their gameplay experience. They determine how a player levels and upgrades their equipment, and also give players choices on gear, abilities and bonuses. Players can select multiple focuses for their character and can swap them as situations demand. As a player earns focus experience they can further customize their force paths for more refinement. The upgrade choices will be more or less permanent so careful planning on the part of players will be crucial.

The focus will be an equippable component of a guardian, and will determine a great deal of gameplay elements per mission. Players will be able to swap out their focus pre-mission. At a certain point, players may opt to lock their force path skill tree which will result in various boosts to stats, power or leveling.

Focuses / Subclasses






    • Striker

    • Description : Offensive, up close melee, energy manipulation
    • Super Ability : Fist of Havoc





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