Raid is a game mode in Destiny, that is presumed to be similar to raids in MMO's. Few details are known, and it is presumed players will be able to engage in public instances to acquire unique and useful loot for their characters. Puzzles have been revealed as a component in raids, requiring the whole group solve them to progress.

Raid Name Enemy Level Players Location DLC Required
Vault of Glass Tier 1
Beneath Venus, evil stirs.
27 1-6 Ishtar Sink - Venus none
Vault of Glass Tier 2
Beneath Venus, evil stirs.
30 1-6 Ishtar Sink - Venus None
Crota's End
Ocean of Storms, Moon
32, 33 1-6 Moon The Dark Below
Prison of Elders
The Reef, Asteroid Belt
28, 32, 34, 35 1-6 Asteroid Belt House of Wolves
King's Fall
The Dreadnaught
?? 1-6 The Dreadnaught The Taken King

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