Enemies in destiny are divided by species. Each species has a particular weakness and certain Material drops to enhance your weapons and armor.


  • Legionaries are front line soldiers who are the first to charge into combat with jump-packs and projectile weapons.
  • Centurions are hardier Legionaries.
  • Colossus are the largest and strongest of the Cabal (apart from the Primus) with heavy weapons and shielding.
  • Psions are smaller Cabal that pilot ships and use abilities.
  • Phalanx are front line soldiers who have massive shields.


  • Dregs are lightly armed and armored Fallen who are the lowest ranking members of their race. Poorly organized, they often fall into uncivilized patterns of behavior. Typically equipped with shock daggers and pistols.
  • Vandals are higher ranking than Dregs and utilized longer range weapons that require long charge times.
  • Captains feature heavy armor and wield twin swords or shrapnel launchers. They have long capes, and energy shields. They are the leaders of Fallen packs and consider humanity a lesser race.
  • Servitors are low-altitude mechanicals which provide defensive buffs to nearby allies, as well as organizing communications.
  • Shanks are the Fallen's flying robots. They do very little damage and are dispatched very easily, making them more of an annoyance than an enemy. Higher level shanks may have different weaponry and shielding.


  • Thrall are enemies which attack using their long claws. They have no armor and are only dangerous in large groups.
  • Cursed Thrall are similar to regular Thrall, exempt instead of attacking with their claws they charge the player and explode. They can be identified by their glowing heads.
  • Knights are large Hive who wield swords or explosive rifles.
  • Acolytes are the primary Hive foot soldiers. They wear optics equipped helmets and wield energy based weapons.
  • Wizards are flying enemies who use ranged combat. They wear ornate armor and a long cloak. They hover in the air and use magic based abilities in combat.
  • Ogres are large grey beasts that shoot a laser from their heads
  • Shriekers are form of floating turret that activate only when enemies are in close proximity to them, and will launch several missiles at the enemy when destroyed


  • Goblins are foot soldiers that are sent out in waves of overwhelming numbers.
  • Hobgoblins are larger than goblins with distinctive tails and long ranged weaponry and a long charge time between shots.
  • Minotaurs are larger than hobgoblins with 3 eyes and broad shoulders and no critical hit area.
  • Hydras look like robot centipedes and attack with turrets attached to their segments.
  • Harpies are smaller units that fly and fire energy from the two mounted guns next to their eyes.


  • Taken enemies include all enemy classes listed above; however each of the classes gains new abilities. Taken can be distinguished from other enemies by their black and white "torn" appearance.

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