"We have butchers at our gates- four-armed and eager for slaughter."


  • Nomadic race, based primarily on their starships with a presence on Earth and The Moon



  • Fallen are a six limbed enemy race in Destiny. They are sometimes referred to as Spider Pirates. They are nomadic by nature and claim to own every land humans are present on. They have advanced technology, weapons and armor.

Fallen Solo.png


  • 4 armed, 2 legged and capable of easily scaling walls.
  • When killed, their souls visibly leave their bodies.


Social Structure

  • Dregs are two armed Fallen who are the lowest ranking members of the race.  They are humiliated by having two of their arms cut off. Mostly thieves, and poorly organized they often fall into uncivilized patterns of behavior. Typically equipped with shock daggers and pistols.
  • Vandals are higher ranking than Dregs and utilized longer range weapons that require long charge times.
  • Captains feature heavy armor, twin swords, long capes, and energy shields. They are the leaders of Fallen packs and consider humanity a lesser race.
  • Servitors are sophisticated machines which have energy weapons. They apply defensive buffs to nearby allies and process communications. They are also capable of jamming Guardian comm channels.
  • Shanks are small, airborne enemies with light weapons.



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