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This page is dedicated to providing helpful information to new Destiny Players. While it does not attempt to replicate or summarize the playthrough guides or other information found elsewhere in this wiki, its intention is to give new players the basic tools to have success at playing Destiny. This page includes FAQ's, tips for PvE, a dictionary of common acronyms unique to the Destiny community, links to helpful pages such as character creators and damage calculators, and lastly a list of Wiki members who have volunteered to be available to help players with simple questions that often clutter the message boards. Also, before you ask a question, try to find the answer by searching on the wiki. Almost everything you need to know about the game is contained in this wiki. Feel free to add to this page as you see fit (see "Notes" at the bottom of page before editing please).

Please Read These Pages Before Getting Started!

They include a lot of information not shown on this page.


New Player FAQ's

This is a list of commonly asked questions by new players and the answers to each. If you don't see a question you have refer to one of the members listed at the bottom. If a question is asked enough, we will add it to this section. Please also see the Wiki's FAQ for questions not answered on this page.

Q: What weapons or armor should I use?

A: It all depends on preferred play style, which you will have to figure out for yourself. While every player will have their preferences, there is no true "ultimate" weapon or armor in the game and mixing and matching is the norm. When you are just starting out, you can view an image of your character's starting equipment during character creation. You will also encounter many other kinds of equipment and armor during the game.
B: There are 5 rarities of armor and weapons in Destiny: Common (white), Uncommon (green), Rare (blue), Legendary (purple), and Exotic (gold). You will advance over time, having access to new levels of gear, including legendary and exotic unlocked at rank 20. Another question commonly asked is, should i be the agile type of player that likes hand cannons and scout rifles, or should i be a more solid type player with a taste of auto rifles? This all once again comes down to personal taste.

Q: I just started playing destiny in Year 2, how can I catch up to everyone else quickly?

A: All new players get " Spark of light" from the postmaster that immediately brings them up to level 25 when used, after that you can play the normal vanilla story to earn experience and find the best style that suits you. Bounties, quests, kills in pvp and winning crucible matches are other ways you could level up quickly.

Q: I am level 40 now, how do increase my light level?

Once you have reached level 40 equip all your highest and best gear to reach a higher light level.

Q: How do i get better "blue" gear from "Master Rahool" the Cryptarch?

Master Rahool is friendlier now, and everything he decrypts will always be at the light level that is average to your light level, meaning if you are 220, all the blue gear that he decrypts will always be 210 to 230, so remember to have your best gear on before going to tower to get the best possible light level from all your engrams.

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