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  • Their homeworld is called Fundament. They reside under Earths Moon. The Moon in a huge underground fortress known as The Hellmouth.



  • Hive are an undead race in Destiny who travel in spaceships that serve as tombs.  They battled humans at the end of the Golden Age; they wear encrusted armor which gives them the appearance of undead royalty. They are seen using swords, claws and projectile weapons. They also use optical enhancements, plasma weapons and seemingly also abilities.
  • Long before their arrival on Earth, on their home world (Fundament), three sisters, the daughters of Fundament,'s ruler were exiled after their father, the Osmian King, was overthrown by a traitor, Toax. They were Aurash, Sathona and Xi Ro. They went underground where they found the Worm Gods of Fundament. The Worm Gods wished to form a pact with the sisters and in return they will grant them God-like power. So, the sisters agreed. Xi Ro's love for conquest turned her into the knight morph, Xivu Arath, who promised to always test her strength. Sathona's wish to become a mother turned her into Savath√Ľn, the mother morph. She promises to always be cunning.



  • Zombie like physiologically
  • Some are able to hover and float


Social Structure

  • Thrall are a base class who are melee focused, using their long claws. No armor, eyes and visible bones in some places.
  • Knights are large Hive who wield large swords or boomer cannons.
  • Acolyte the primary Hive foot soldiers. They wear optics equipped helmets, lack claws and wield energy based weapons.
  • Wizards are flying enemies who use ranged combat. They wear ornate and ancient armor and a long cloak. They hover in the air and use magic based abilities in combat.
  • SwordBearer are a knights that spawn randomly on earth and moon, they are similar to the normal knight but have arc shields and killing them drops their sword that can be picked up for bounties.
  • Gatekeepers are knights found in the 2nd phase of Crota's end raid, they are a little larger and only die when hit by a sword.
  • Deathsinger is a wizard found in the 3rd phase of the raid.
  • Crota is the final boss in the Crota's end Raid. He is the Hive prince and the son of Oryx, the Taken King, the Hive God.



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    • Anonymous

      there is nothing on the third sister (Aurash) where does she go? if your gonna explain the happenings behind the Hive don't forget on of the most powerful ones.

      • Anonymous

        They should display the abilities of the Deathsingers' abilities, the one that they can teleport you into the area where you can't move and you're killed by the Thrall.

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