Game modes are the types of activities available in Destiny. They have two main variants that divide pvp from pve and then subdivide into individual game types.

crucible_icon.png Crucible

  • Crucible is the PvP aspect of Destiny. It is accessed voluntarily by the player by hitting the Touchpad on the PS4, then hold triangle to bring up the Orbit menu. From there, you can select a Crucible sub-category:


6v6. No reviving.

6v6 clash but on vehicle maps with heavy ammo and vehicles spawning more often. No reviving.

6v6 combat with objectives that multiply your score depending on how many points you control. No reviving.

6v6 Control with level advantages enabled.

6v6 clash but super, grenade, and melee energy recharge rapidly

6v6 capture the flag style

6 players, free for all. No reviving

3v3 where you have to capture a zone and stop the other team from taking the zone. Reviving enabled.

3v3 combat. Reviving enabled.

strikes_icon.png PvE

  • Player vs Environment is accessed through the Orbit menu. You can select a planet and you gain access to different missions depending on your level and progress, in the following sub-categories:




  • Story

    • Story (High Level)

    • Story (Challenge)


  • Strike

    • Strike (High Level)

    • Strike (Challenge)

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