The Moon




 "The Hive have installed a base deep within our Moon. We'll make sure they're not permanent residents."

"Like Earth, the ruins of humanity's former glory can be found scattered across the familiar lunar surface. Recent exploration attempts have been repulsed, reporting increased enemy activity, and even strange tectonic phenomenon. The City has since classified the Moon as a "Forbidden Zone,” open only to our most brave and experienced Guardians."





The Moon is a location on Destiny and is the orbiting satellite of Earth. Colonized by humans during the Golden Age, there is a rudimentary atmosphere as a result of Traveler given abilities. It is classified by the City as a Forbidden Zone now, due to presence of Hive activity in the Hellmouth.



Due to tectonic shifts there will be many hidden areas where players can explore for hidden treasures. Several structures abandoned from the Golden Age are also present.



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