Weapon Multipliers

  • Precision Damage is indicated when yellow numbers appear over the target you are firing into. This would be similar to a critical hit in other MMOs.
  • Flinch Damage is essentially how much your bullets cause your target to react "flinch" when hit. The higher the multiplier, the more disrupted they will be when hit.
  • Base Zoom is the amount you zoom in when aiming before taking into account the Sight you have equipped.
Weapons Precision Damage Multiplier Flinch Multiplier Base Zoom

Basic_Auto_Rifle_Small.jpgAuto Rifles

1.25x 1x 1.5x

Basic_Hand_Cannon_Small.jpgHand Cannons

1.5x 1.75x 1.7x

Basic_Pulse_Rifle_Small.jpgPulse Rifles

1.5x 1x 1.7x

Basic_Scout_Rifle_Small.jpgScout Rifles

1.5x 1.5x 2x

Basic_Fusion_Rifle_Small.jpgFusion Rifles

None 1x 1.5x


1.25x 1x 1.2x

Basic_Sniper_Rifle_Small.jpgSniper Rifles

2.5x 2x 4x

Basic_Machine_Gun_Small.jpgMachine Guns

1.5x 2x 1.5x

Basic_Rocket_Launcher_Small.jpgRocket Launchers

1.5x 2x 2x

Vestian Destiny icon.jpg Sidearms

 x  x  x


 x  x  x

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