Wanted: Kaliks-12

Task : Hunt Kaliks-12 in the Cosmodrome's Skywatch.
Description : "Kaliks-12 was High Servitor of Skriviks' Ketch. It was captured during the Cybele Uprising with its mistress." - Petra
Rewards : Queen's Wrath Reputation +250 , Experience +4500

Ether Chest Locations :

Tips :
  • The bounty event will kick off when a message saying A Pack of Wolves is Prowling appears on the bottom left of your screen.
  • You then have to engage with four to five waves of enemies. This is best done with several high level Guardians.
  • Kill the Scorch Captains that carry Scorch Cannons. Use these cannons to fire below where the next wave of enemies will drop by holding down RT before releasing for maximum damage.
  • If there are several other Guardians around, you'll be lucky to get one, but if you do you should save it for the final wave, as this is where Kaliks-12 will be, who is by far the toughest foe in the fight.
  • If you're in a big group, make sure to put some damage on Kaliks-12, but let the other Guardians do all the heavy lifting.
  • If you're alone, use the Scorch Cannons to blast your way to the final wave, and then bust out your Grenade, Heavy Ammunition and Super Ability to put a beating on Kaliks-12 that it won't soon forget
  • Always watch your health first before trying to attack.
  • When Kaliks-12 falls, there will be a message in the bottom left of your screen that tells you of an Ether Key, and shows a timer that is counting down from 90. You have until the timer runs out to find a chest, using the key to open it and claiming the rewards.
  • It's easier to spot from higher ground. Look for the thin beam of light that shoots out of the chest.

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