Goblin.png Goblins are the foot soldiers and grunts of the Vex. Using their laser blasts and occasionally grenades, they provide excellent suppressive fire for other Vex units. They also have a short range teleport ability, which allows them to close the gap with a guardian for close-in damage.

  • Attacks: Blaster, grenades
  • Range: Mid/Short
  • Weakness: Glowing white "core" located on lower torso

Taken Goblins

external image 701280_4c2ba155c5d743f016296af742093ce8.jpg
Goblins corrupted by Oryx, the Taken King. These enemies sport their original attacks, but can no longer teleport. Instead, they project energy shields upon their allies, which cannot be penetrated by any weapon. In addition, they no longer have a weak "core," instead being quickly dispatched with a headshot.
  • Attacks: Blaster, grenades
  • Range: Mid/Short
  • Weakness: Head

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