Rare Pool 1
SightSys_SLS20.png SIGHTSYS SLS20
Very long distance scope. Superb target acquisition and recoil control. Uncommon_Rare_and_Legendary.png
TacSys_SLS15.png TACSYS SLS15
Mid-zoom scope. Useful for unpredictable situations. Uncommon_Rare_and_Legendary.png
Ambush_SLH25.png AMBUSH SLH25
Agile, snappy scope. Handles beautifully. Rewards a skilled hand. Uncommon_Rare_and_Legendary.png
Rare Pool 2
EagleEye_SLR20.png EAGLEEYE SLR20
Longest-range scope. Heavy optics for pinpoint sniping. Uncommon_Rare_and_Legendary.png
LongView_SLR20.png LONGVIEW SLR20
Long-range scope. Excellent target acquisition. Improves weapon range. Uncommon_Rare_and_Legendary.png
Hawkeye_SLR15.png HAWKEYE SLR15
Mid-zoom precision scope. Increased range and target acquisition. Heavy. Uncommon_Rare_and_Legendary.png
Rare Pool 3
ShortGaze_SLH10.png SHORTGAZE SLH10
Short-range scope. Quick to aim, with good range. Uncommon_Rare_and_Legendary.png
LongView_SLR10.png LONGVIEW SLR10
Low-zoom scope. Improved range and handling. Uncommon_Rare_and_Legendary.png

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