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This page is dedicated to site suggestions. Don't like the layout? Having problems with site? Post your ideas and suggestions here.
Two things to note:

1. Layout = give solutions not just problems

2. Ads = If you are getting pop-ups or redirects, tell us and tell us what company/server did it so we can ban them. Advertisers are tricksy and cheat our no pop-up rule. Please report them to

3. Mobile = The wiki is set to work optimally on desktop. It works properly on ipads, iphones, and Windows phones. If you have a model/browser that is not working well, please report it here with as much detail as possible so we can investigate!

By (Include contact if you have forum/wiki/other accounts)
At the moment, the chat isnt working for me, (on an ipad) and instead of the chat box it shows palm trees, or an add
Reply: I removed the chatroom for devices with a minimum width of 1000px (this would get rid of mobile) because of massive slowdown caused by it on mobile networks. You can access the chatroom on mobile by going to the chatroom page though - Fex
Thanks, it helped me out, and thanks for taking the time to help me -AidenHero 10/10

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