Trials of Osiris

"Only Guardians who have proven their worth may enter the Trials of Osiris, where they will face the Crucible's ultimate test of teamwork and skill."

Game Mode

Trials of Osiris is a 3v3 elimination mode in destiny that starts every Friday and remains available till weekly reset on Tuesday. In this mode you may only be revived by a teammate, and if your whole team is down, the round is over. Elimination matches are played to five points, with a single point awarded to the victors of each round.
You can only join with a pre-made fireteam and must have a passage that is purchasable from Brother Vance, the passage will go on your inventory screen under missions and will track your wins and losses. Once you rack up three losses you will not be able to continue unless you purchase Mercy of Osiris that will erase one loss or exchanging the entire passage for a new one for 500 Glimmer.


Rewards in Trials of Osiris are based on how many wins you have achieved in the game
Wins Required
Passage Coins, Motes of light
Stone Tier/bronze
Trials of Osiris armor of the week
Armor Tier
(RNG Based) Exotic Drop, Etheric Light, Passage Coins, Mote of Light
Silver Tier
Trials of Osiris Weapon of the week
Weapon Tier


  • Favour of Osiris
You will start the Trials with a win already awarded, costs 3 passage coins
  • Mercy of Osiris
Your first loss in the Trials will be forgiven, costs 3 passage coins
  • Boon of Osiris
Winning your first Trials match will count as two, costs 3 passage cins
p.s. these are only purchasable once per passage

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