Legendary Sniper Rifle

Legendary Sniper Rifles for Destiny are listed below. Please click the Weapons if you wish to view further information.

Icon & Name Archetype Obtained by

Amplified GEO-D6 small.jpg Amplified GEO-D6

Shortest distance between two points across a curved visual axis: Aim + Squeeze.

black_hammer_small.png Black Hammer

"I cannot permit you to exist."
  • Not currently in-game

black_trung-d_small.png Black Trung-D

A long range Häkke firearm, earned through glory in the Crucible.
  • Not currently in-game

broken_truth-lr1_small.jpg Broken Truth-LR1

A sharpshooter's weapon modified by Dead Orbit's superb technicians and specialists.

bronzed_albany-lr4_small.png Bronzed Albany-LR4

A robust Krux/Lomar launcher earned through glory in the Crucible.
  • Not currently in-game

efrideets_spear_small.jpg Efrideet's Spear

A sharpshooter's weapon forged in fire by the Lords of the Iron Banner.

epitaph_2261_small.jpg Epitaph 2261

It's seen things you people wouldn't believe. Killed most of them, too.

eye_of_sol_small.jpg Eye of Sol

A prestigious trophy earned in battle during the Trials of Osiris.

final_boss_small.jpg FINAL BOSS

Become the monster.

Her Benevolence small.jpg Her Benevolence

A weapon carried by the Vestian Guard, the body which patrols the Reef's borders.

LDR_5001_small.png LDR 5001

Ballistic heartbreak.
  • ?

Lunar_avernum_ii_small.png Lunar Avernum II

A superior firearm, battleworn but proven by years of reliable service on the frontier.
  • Not currently in-game

outreach_amr_small.png Outreach AMR

Help me, help you.
  • ?

praedyths_revenge_small.jpg Praedyth's Revenge

Praedyth's fall isn't over… because it hasn't happened yet… and it will happen again.

primed_luna_hellox_ii_small.png Primed Luna Hellox II

A highly accurate Cassoid firearm earned through glory in the Crucible.
  • Not currently in-game

prudence_ii_small.jpg Prudence II

Executor-issued sharpshooter's weapon for loyal supporters of the New Monarchy.

Subtle Nudge DN7 small.jpg Subtle Nudge DN7

With the right touch, they all fall down.

Shadow of Veils small.jpg Shadow of Veils

Judgment on the unseen is best performed from a distance.

the_chosen_small.jpg The Chosen

A sharpshooter's weapon named and sanctified by the leaders of the Future War Cult.

the_supremacy_small.jpg The Supremacy

An Awoken gift from the Reef, marked with the Queen's crown.

Violator XII small.jpg Violator XII

Executor-issued sharpshooter's weapon, custom-rigged for loyal supporters of the New Monarchy.

Y-09_longbow_synthesis_small.png Y-09 Longbow Synthesis

Closer Than You Think
  • Not currently in-game

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