Shotguns in Destiny, are great close range weapons that deal large amounts of damage in a large area. Their short range, small magazine size and long reload time make them tricky to use and less than useful in many situations. When wielded properly, however, they are capable of lethal damage. Starting from Uncommon quality on up, Shotguns become coming with Upgrades that further enhance the weapon.
Special Weapons require Green Ammo in order to use. This ammo is more uncommon than White.


Basic Shotguns

Basic Shotguns for Destiny are listed below. Please click the Weapons if you wish to view further information.

Icon & Name Archetype Obtained by


Deadlander Mk. 24
The perfect close-quarters tool. The Deadlander pays its way in hurt - overpacked shells deal excellent damage.


Graviton ESe
The perfect close-quarters tool. A cut-down holdout weapon, the Graviton is easy to ready and aim.


Outlander Mk. 26
The perfect close-quarters tool. The Outlander's ominous maw speaks truth - it deals exemplary damage for its class.


Preacher Mk. 11
The perfect close-quarters tool. The Preacher only knows one sermon. It's pretty good, though.
  • You are awarded this weapon in the introduction if you pick the Titan class


Preacher Mk. 20
The perfect close-quarters tool. The Preacher sets a mind at peace.


Preacher Mk. 22
The perfect close-quarters tool. The Preacher's always there when you need her.



The perfect close-quarters tool. The MKB-21 is a flexible tactical shotgun commonly used by the City's internal patrols.

Note: Archetypes are sub-weapon classes within each weapon type. Guns of the same Archetype share fixed stat ranges on every stat. The stats are not the same for each gun, but all the guns in each Archetype will fall between the ranges of the Archetype. You can use this to get a better idea of what that particular gun is good at before you even look at it.

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