Rocket Launchers in Destiny, are the ultimate in Heavy Weapons. They are essential for dealing with vehicles and heavily armored targets. There 1 shot magazine and longer reload time means they need to be wielded with some precision. Beginning from Uncommon quality on up, Rocket Launcher begin coming with Upgrades that further enhance the weapon.

All Heavy Weapons require Purple Ammo in order to use. This ammo is much more rare than White or Green.

Rocket Launchers

Basic Rocket Launchers

Basic Rocket Launchers for Destiny are listed below. Please click the Weapons if you wish to view further information.

Icon & Name Archetype Obtained by

baron_rs1_small.jpg Baron RS/1

Shoulder-fired devastation. The Baron is a general-purpose unguided explosive launcher.

baron_rs2_small.jpg Baron RS/2

Shoulder-fired devastation. The Baron is a general-purpose launcher; this one bears the inscription 'FULL STOP' on the trigger guard.

baron_rs2a_small.jpg Baron RS/2a

Shoulder-fired devastation. The Baron RS/2a is a general-purpose launcher that was used as a testbed for later development.

breaker_sa2_small.jpg Breaker SA/2

Shoulder-mounted devastation. Like its cousin the Butcher, the Breaker puts raw damage first.

deacon_rs2_small.jpg Deacon RS/2

Shoulder-mounted devastation. A general-purpose launcher, the Deacon was designed to kill Fallen and their Walkers.

jester_sa2_small.jpg Jester SA/2

Shoulder-mounted devastation. The Jester takes its job very seriously - it's designed to put munitions dead on target.

Note: Archetypes are sub-weapon classes within each weapon type. Guns of the same Archetype share fixed stat ranges on every stat. The stats are not the same for each gun, but all the guns in each Archetype will fall between the ranges of the Archetype. You can use this to get a better idea of what that particular gun is good at before you even look at it.

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