Uncommon Rocket Launchers

Uncommon Rocket Launchers for Destiny are listed below. Please click the Weapons if you wish to view further information.

Icon & Name Archetype Obtained by

breaker_sa3_small.jpg Breaker SA/3

The SA/3 Breaker answers a requirement for a hard-hitting launcher to defeat new varieties of Fallen armor.

butcher_sa3_small.jpg Butcher SA/2

Shoulder-mounted devastation. The Butcher's heavy payload delivers catastrophic damage.

butcher_sa3_small.jpg Butcher SA/3

Heavy damage. To the point. Caution is advised. Enjoy.

deacon_rs3_small.jpg Deacon RS/3

The RS/3 Deacon is a tactical upgrade to the flexible Deacon series.

harbringer_small.jpg Harbinger

A general-purpose Vanguard-issue rocket launcher. Apprentices at the GNT collaborative rebuild Barons into Harbingers.

jester_sa3_small.jpg Jester SA/3

The SA/3 Jester maintains the Jester series' focus on precise delivery, but with expanded capability.

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