The Wanted Bounties were included in the House of Wolves DLC. To take on these bounties, you must have the House of Wolves DLC. The bounties can be initiated by talking with Petra Venj at the Vestian Outpost.

Wanted Bounties

Icon & Name
Level & Objective

Wanted_bounty_icon2.jpg Wanted: Beltrik, the Veiled

"When Paladin Abra Zire heard of Beltrik's escape, she was angry enough to destroy an asteroid. Another one." - Petra
  • Hunt Beltrik, the Veiled in Ember Caves in Venus.

Wanted_bounty_icon2.jpg Wanted: Drevis, Wolf Baroness

"Drevis led a strike of Silent Fang in the Raze of Amethyst, an attack which killed my sisters. Show her no mercy." - Petra
  • Hunt Drevis, Wolf Baroness near the Cosmodrome's Forgotten Shore.

Wanted_bounty_icon2.jpg Wanted: Ether Runner

"An Ether Runner Servitor has been spotted on Venus feeding the Wanted Wolves. Find it. Destroy it." - Petra
  • Hunt the Wanted Ether Runner near the Endless Steps on Venus.

Wanted_bounty_icon2.jpg Wanted: Grayor, Wolf Assassin

"Skolas was but one of many claimants to the Kellship after the Scatter. Grayor and his brothers thinned that herd." - Petra
  • Hunt Grayor, Wolf Assassin in the Cosmodrome's Mothyards.

Wanted_bounty_icon2.jpg Wanted: Howling Raiders

"Skolas has sent some of his best thieves into the Archive. Don't let them leave alive." —Petra
  • Hunt the Howling Raiders in the Hall of Whispers on Venus.

Wanted_bounty_icon2.jpg Wanted: Kaliks-12

"Kaliks-12 was High Servitor of Skriviks' Ketch. It was captured during the Cybele Uprising with its mistress." - Petra
  • Hunt Kaliks-12 in the Cosmodrome's Skywatch.

Wanted_bounty_icon2.jpg Wanted: Mecher Orbiks-11

"They say the Orbiks Servitors once served a long-lost Fallen House. Let's make them stay lost." - Petra
  • Hunt Mecher Orbiks-11 near the Ishtar Cliffs on Venus.

Wanted_bounty_icon2.jpg Wanted: Peekis, the Disavowed

"Peekis's arms were docked after the Eos clash. He's been desperate to prove himself ever since." - Petra
  • Hunt Peekis, the Disavowed in the Citadel on Venus.

Wanted_bounty_icon2.jpg Wanted: Pirsis, Pallas-Bane

"Skolas's most dreaded vassal led the Siege of Pallas, killed Paladin Imogen Rife with her own hand." - Petra
  • Hunt Pirsis, Pallas-Bane in the Cosmodrome's Divide.

Wanted_bounty_icon2.jpg Wanted: Queenbreaker Captain

A faithless Queenbreaker Captain has fled to Earth. Show him the Queen's justice." - Petra
  • Hunt the Wanted Queenbreaker Captain near the Cosmodrome's Dock-13.

Wanted_bounty_icon2.jpg Wanted: Queenbreaker Vandals

"The Queenbreakers are Wolves who pledged themselves to the Queen and then betrayed her. Show them no mercy." - Petra
  • Hunt the Wanted Queenbreaker Vandals in The Cinders on Venus.

Wanted_bounty_icon2.jpg Wanted: Repeater Shanks

"We're tracking some Repeater Shanks on Venus. Don't let them fall into the House of Winter's hands." - Petra
  • Hunt the Wanted Repeater Shanks in the N/GEN Branch on Venus.

Wanted_bounty_icon2.jpg Wanted: Saviks, Queenbreaker

"Saviks was first to pledge fealty after the Cybele Uprising…and first to break his pledge when Skolas returned." - Petra
  • Hunt Saviks, Queenbreaker in the Anchor of Light on the Moon.

Wanted_bounty_icon2.jpg Wanted: Silent Fang

"Some of Skolas's Silent Fang are riling the Hive on Earth. I'd say let the Hive have them, but we need to be sure." - Petra
  • Hunt the Silent Fang in the Cosmodrome's Grottos.

Wanted_bounty_icon2.jpg Wanted: Skoriks, Archon-Slayer

"This rabid wolf seems to be trying to join the House of Exile. The Queen doesn't like loose ends." - Petra
  • Hunt Skoriks, Archon-Slayer on the Moon

Wanted_bounty_icon2.jpg Wanted: Tracer Shanks

"Some of the Wolves' Tracer Shanks are causing problems. Scrap them and you'll be paid." - Petra
  • Hunt Wanted Tracer Shanks in the Cosmodrome's Breach.

Wanted_bounty_icon2.jpg Wanted: Twisted Claws

"The Twisted Claws run plunder missions for the Wolves. Track them down. You'll be paid well for the risk." - Petra
  • Hunt the Twisted Claws in The World's Grave on the Moon.

Wanted_bounty_icon2.jpg Wanted: Veliniks, the Ravenous

"After Skolas's capture at the Cybele Uprising, Veliniks named himself the new Kell. Didn't work out great for him." - Petra
  • Hunt Veliniks, the Ravenous in the Hellmouth on the Moon.

Wanted_bounty_icon2.jpg Wanted: Weksis, The Meek

"Yeah, the 'Meek' bit? That's a joke. This Dreg led a brutal charge during the Siege of Pallas." - Petra
  • Hunt Weksis, The Meek near Archer's Line on the Moon.

Wanted_bounty_icon2.jpg Wanted: Wolf Enforcer

Hunt the Wanted Wolf Enforcer near the Blast in the Cosmodrome.
  • Hunt the Wanted Wolf Enforcer near the Blast in the Cosmodrome.

Wanted_bounty_icon2.jpg Wanted: Wolf High Servitor

"The Wolves have sent one of their High Servitors into Hive territory. Hunt it down." - Petra
  • Hunt a Wanted High Servitor down in the Temple of Crota on the Moon.

Wanted_bounty_icon2.jpg Wanted: Wolf Scavengers

"A group of Wolf Scavengers were spotted making runs into Hive territory. Don't care what they're up to. Put them down." - Petra
  • Hunt the Wanted Wolf Scavengers in the Halls of Wisdom on the Moon.

Wanted_bounty_icon2.jpg Wanted: Wolves' Guard

"One of Skolas's Wolves' Guard is prowling the jungles along the Ishtar Sink. Hunt him down." - Petra
  • Hunt the Wanted Wolves' Guard near Campus-9 on Venus.

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