The Devils' Lair is a level 6 Strike located in Old Russia, Earth. The activity requires a group of 1 to 3.


  • You can ride your sparrow all the way to the room.
  • When fighting Sepiks Prime just stand near the entrance and shoot his eye.

Devil Walker


  • Chain Gun
  • Ion Turre
  • Main Cannon
  • Drones
  • Grenades
  • EMP Burst


  • Target the legs: Each leg has it's own health bar. Each leg destroyed will reveal the core at its neck.
  • The Core at the neck: The core will remain open until you get at least one shot in.

Sepiks Prime


  • Eye Blast


  • When it starts to phase out, do not use grenades or supers
  • There are few spots to the side and in front that offer good cover
  • Take care of the adds when they spawn

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