Shattered Memory Fragment

" One of our Venus patrols found a memory fragment on the remains of a destroyed Vex. This fragment concerns the final mission of Fireteam Tuyet, lost long ago on Venus' Shattered Coast. Perhaps one of their Ghosts can be recovered."

  • Obtained: This Bounty seems to be randomly awarded when turning in completed bounties. You may also be able to obtain this buy reaching Vanguard Rank 2.
  • Reward: Pocket Infinity (Exotic Fusion Rifle)
  • Steps
    • Obtain a "Damaged Ghost" from Venus' Shattered Coast somehow.
    • Kill a Vex Gate Lord in a heroic Story mission to obtain "Restored Ghost".
    • Bring the Ghost to the Speaker to obtain "Fusion Rifle Schematics".
    • Bring the Schematics to the Gunsmith to obtain "Depleted Exotic Weapon Core".
    • Dismantle 10 rare or higher quality Fusion Rifles to obtain "Charged Exotic Weapon Core".
    • Bring the core to the Gunsmith to obtain "Unstable Prototype Fusion Rifle Frame".
    • Kill enemies in epic activities to obtain "Stabilized Prototype".
    • Bring the prototype to the Gunsmith to obtain Pocket Infinity.

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