Placeholder.png Restoration

"There is so little left out here. We were lucky to find this ship. A Guardian can't do much to protect The City without one.
But, it needs a warp drive if we ever hope to fly beyond Earth and that Cosmodrome is the only place I know where we might still find one.
We survived The Fallen once, we can do it again"


Restoration is the first campaign mission proper and involves your Guardian being tasked with searching for a warp drive for the jump ship. The mission takes you back to the Cosmodrome you started in and directs you back to the room you found the ship in the first place, taking on waves of Fallen and the first boss character in the game.


  • First encounter with an Archon
  • Multiple waves of level 2 enemies, several level 3 enemies
  • Introduction to Restricted Respawn Zones
  • First loot crate encountered on the mission path


  • Zone 1
  • Zone 2
  • Zone 3


Video Walkthrough

JudasBlitzkrieg - Titan - Restoration

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