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Range - Increase the effective range of the weapon.

This stat determines the distance that your shots hit for 100% damage before they begin falling-off to 50% damage. Range also affects the minimum and maximum size of your “bloom” circle when hip-firing. Fusion Rifles don't suffer damage fall-off, but instead Range determines the speed of the projectile fired from these guns.

(Note: Sights play a vital role in determining damage by increasing the Range of your weapon while aiming. Each Sight has a Range multiplier)

This Stat is affected by the following Upgrades:

Red_Dot-OAS.png SIGHTS
Sights affect Optics, Range, Stability, Reload and Handling of Primary Weapons and Fusion Rifles

TacSys_SLS15.png SCOPES
Scopes affect Optics, Range, Stability, Reload and Handling (of Sniper Rifles)

Field_Choke.png BARRELS
Barrels affect Damage, Stability and Range of Shotguns and Machine Guns

Hammer_Forged.png HAMMER FORGED

Hand_Loaded.png HAND LOADED

Send_It.png SEND IT

Rangefinder.png RANGEFINDER

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