Queen's Choice



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Queen's Choice is a Sidearms in Destiny.



Presented to Her Majesty Mara Sov by her loving subjects.


Queen's Choice Information

  • Archetype: ??
  • Upgraded With: ??
  • Note: ??



Queen's Choice Location / Where to Find



Primary Perks

Army of One

Quick unassisted kills with this weapon reduce grenade and melee cooldown.


Battle Runner

Kills with this weapon grant a brief boost to the sprint's top speed.


Crowd Control

Kills with this weapon grant bonus damage for a short time.


Feeding Frenzy

Kills with this weapon increase reload speed for a short time.


Hot Swap

Readying this weapon grants a brief period of bonus accuracy.



Consume a more powerful Weapon to boost the Attack value of this Weapon.


Last Resort

This weapon handles and reloads faster when the wielder is the last living player of their Fireteam.



Missing a shot has a chance to return ammo directly to the magazine.



Precision kills with this weapon dramatically increase reload speed.


Partial Refund

Chance to return a portion of the magazine after an assist.



Aiming this weapon increases its effective range.


Reactive Reload

Reloading this weapon after a kill grants a damage bonus for a short time.


Relentless Tracker

Kills with this weapon grant enhanced motion tracker resolution for a short time.


Spray and Play

Increases the reload speed of this weapon when its mag is empty.



This weapon causes Void damage.


Zen Moment

Causing damage with this weapon increases its stability.


Selectable Perks 1

Appended Magazine

Increased Magazine Size Slower Reload


Feather Mag

Faster Reload Reduced Magazine Size


Hand Loaded

This weapon is effective at an extended range.


High Caliber Rounds

Oversize rounds built to stagger targets and leave them reeling. Their mass makes a weapon harder to handle.



This weapon can be drawn unbelievably fast.


Reinforced Barrel

Increased Range Reduced Stability


Skip Rounds

Ceramic-jacketed rounds ricochet on hard surfaces. Their extreme density lets you carry more rounds in reserve. Added mass slows down weapon handling.



Aiming this weapon is incredibly fast.


Speed Reload

Reload this weapon quickly.


Selectable Perks 2

Aggressive Ballistics

More predictable recoil. Enhanced impact. Shorter range and more recoil.


CQB Ballistics

Greatly reduced recoil. Significant penalty to range.


Linear Compensator

More predictable recoil. Slight boosts to range and impact. More recoil.


Soft Ballistics

Less recoil. Penalty to Impact.


Selectable Perks 3

Blue Chroma

Activates a Blue Chroma glow.


Deactivate Chroma

Deactivates Chroma glow and randomly resets the Chroma node. Any active Chroma on this item will be lost.


Green Chroma

Activates a Green Chroma glow.


Magenta Chroma

Activates a Magenta Chroma glow.


Orange Chroma

Activates an Orange Chroma glow.


Red Chroma

Activates a Red Chroma glow.


White Chroma

Activates a White Chroma glow.


Yellow Chroma

Activates a Yellow Chroma glow.







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