if you need help or are willing to help others, write down your psn id below, your system, and your highest level character. Also check out the chat to the left and down a bit, feel free to ask for any tips or help or even offer it.
PSN: Ancapaillmor (PS4) Level 32 titan, level 31 Warlock, Level 31 hunter.
PSN: CAJordan90 (PS4) Level 31 Warlock, Level 30 Hunter
PSN: naughtyballz (ps4) level 31 warlock
PSN: Jetman319 (PS4) Level 29 Titan Level 4 Warlock
PSN: JKiNGx5 (PS4) Level 28 Hunter
Psn: Auftragstaktik (PS4) level 28 striker titan
PSN: Blood__Honour (PS4) Level 22 Hunter

PSN: H-two-O (PS3) Level 28 warlock
PSN: chaysejahi13 (PS3) Level 9 Hunter
PSN: FullMetel_LION (PS3) Level 31 warlock
PSN: EquinoxxV2 (PS3) Level 29 Titan
PSN: iPunisher_K3T (PS3) Level 27 Hunter, looking for vog players
PSN: santos382 (PS3) Level 29 Warlock, looking for Crotas end players

Updated {1/17/93}

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