Destiny Online


PS+ Features


  • Crucible
    Online PVP. Available for Fireteams and drop rewards based on level, including legendary and exotic items.
  • Weekly Nightfall Strike
    A level 30 strike with 5 modifiers including epic,nightfall,and 3 others. Rewards strange coins, ascendant materials, legendary, and exotic items.
  • Weekly Heroic Strike
    Strike with heroic modifier active. Rewards strange coins and ascendant materials.
  • Strikes
    Missions that are completed with 2 other people online that are like missions and always include at least 1 boss and many majors or ultras.
  • The Iron Banner
    PVP in the crucible that comes one week out of every month. You can complete bounties, earn rep., buy things from the vendor, and get rewards just for participating.
  • Fireteams
    Teams of up to 6 people that can come with you to do crucible, strikes, raids, and anything else in destiny.
  • Raids
    Puzzle missions that are level 24 including Vault of Glass and Crotas end. Takes thinking and puzzle skills and may take upwards of 2 hours to complete. Requires 6 person fireteam and rewards exotics, legendaries, and ascendant materials.

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