Minor Wanted Bounties

Icon & Name
Level & Objective

Wanted2.jpg Wanted: Howling Raiders

"Skolas has sent some of his best thieves into the Archive. Don't let them leave alive." —Petra
  • Hunt the Howling Raiders in the Hall of Whispers on Venus.

Wanted2.jpg Wanted: Ether Runner

"An Ether Runner Servitor has been spotted on Venus feeding the Wanted Wolves. Find it. Destroy it." - Petra
  • Hunt the Wanted Ether Runner near the Endless Steps on Venus.

Wanted2.jpg Wanted: Queenbreaker Captain

A faithless Queenbreaker Captain has fled to Earth. Show him the Queen's justice." - Petra
  • Hunt the Wanted Queenbreaker Captain near the Cosmodrome's Dock-13.

Wanted2.jpg Wanted: Queenbreaker Vandals

"The Queenbreakers are Wolves who pledged themselves to the Queen and then betrayed her. Show them no mercy." - Petra
  • Hunt the Wanted Queenbreaker Vandals in The Cinders on Venus.

Wanted2.jpg Wanted: Wolf Scavengers

"A group of Wolf Scavengers were spotted making runs into Hive territory. Don't care what they're up to. Put them down." - Petra
  • Hunt the Wanted Wolf Scavengers in the Halls of Wisdom on the Moon.

Wanted2.jpg Wanted: Tracer Shanks

"Some of the Wolves' Tracer Shanks are causing problems. Scrap them and you'll be paid." - Petra
  • Hunt Wanted Tracer Shanks in the Cosmodrome's Breach.

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