M15-RE TACTICAL MAG - An oversize magazine. Heavy and sluggish, it slows weapon handling.

In Destiny, M15-RE TACTICAL MAG is a Magazine Upgrade that can be found on Rare and Legendary Weapons. Weapons in Destiny pull each Upgrade at random from specific pools (with a few Weapons that are an exception).

Magazine Upgrades affect the amount of ammo a clip can hold, how much ammo you can carry or in some cases even the Weapon Stats of the gun. These upgrades can come on Rare and Legendary quality Weapons. Guns can either possess Magazine Upgrades for their second upgrade path or Round Upgrades, but cannot share both. You can only have one active Magazine Upgrade at a time (per gun). These upgrades are:

Pool 1 Rare_and_Legendary.png
M15-R_Tactical_Mag.png M15-R TACTICAL MAG
An oversize magazine. Difficult to reload rapidly.
R15-M_Tailored_Mag.png R15-M TAILORED MAG
Mag-seals and a quick release allow for faster reloads.
I15_Compression_Mag.png I15 COMPRESSION MAG
A mass-compression device that packs in slightly more ammo, at no penalty.
Pool 2 Rare_and_Legendary.png
M15-RE_Tactical_Mag.png M15-RE TACTICAL MAG
An oversize magazine. Heavy and sluggish, it slows weapon handling.
M20-RE_Heavy_Mag.png M20-RE HEAVY MAG
A really huge magazine. Slower handling and reload speed.
R10_Lite_Mag.png R10 LITE MAG
Ceramic alloy composite magazine. Faster weapon handling.
Pool 3 Rare_and_Legendary.png
MR5_Smart_Mag.png MR5 SMART MAG
This magazine incorporates smart materials - it holds more, reloads faster and weighs less.
S15-M_Control_Mag.png S15-M CONTROL MAG
Improved recoil control. Reduced capacity.
I10_Smart_Mag.png I10 SMART MAG
More ammo per mag. Carry more reserve ammo. Slight bonus to recoil control.
M12-S_Pack_Mag.png M12-S PACK MAG
An oversize magazine. It throws off weapon balance, worsening recoil.

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