Armor of the Hezen Lords

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Hezen Lords is a Legendary Warlock Armor in Destiny. Pieces of this armor require the player to be Level 20. Each piece of armor comes with a bonus to Discipline, Strength or Intellect. Each piece of armor has Armor Upgrades and these are shown in the spoilers below the screenshots. This armor has TYPE 1 COATING - This Armor can be recolored using version 1 or newer micromaterial shaders. It is required to either have the full set or a single exotic to reach level 30. It has more light than other legendaries when fully upgraded.

external image Facade_of_the_hezen_lords_icon1.jpg
Armor: 280/372
Armor: 306/406
Light: 18/30
Light: 18/30
Intellect: 0
Intellect: 71
Discipline: 44
Discipline: 0
Strength: 50
Strength: 76
Armor: 229/304
Armor: 204/270
Light: 18/30
Light: 18/30
Intellect: 91
Intellect: 65
Discipline: 0
Discipline: 62
Strength: 0
Strength: 0


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