Eris Morn Bounties

Icon & Name
Level & Objective

Eris_morn_bounty_icon1.jpg Atonement

"Return to them the misery they've borne." -Eris
  • Rapidly kill 3 Hive with a special weapon, 5 times. Death will reset your progress.

Eris_morn_bounty_icon1.jpg Blades of Crota

"Face the Blades. Let them know your Light will never fear the edge of their jagged bone."
  • Hunt the Knights who serve as Blades of Crota on Earth and the Moon.

Eris_morn_bounty_icon1.jpg Bonebreaker

"Let the breeders know who ended them. Let them see you smile." -Eris
  • Kill 5 Hive Wizards with Shoulder Charge.

Eris_morn_bounty_icon1.jpg Boneshaker

"Scatter their bones with the full force of your Light." -Eris
  • Available only to Titan Strikers.
  • Kill 7 Hive at once with Fist of Havoc.

Eris_morn_bounty_icon1.jpg Chase the Dark

"Tear through them like they tear through our worlds." -Eris

Eris_morn_bounty_icon1.jpg Cut Them Down

"To wield an enemy's weapon as if it were your own will teach them to respect you." - Eris
  • Kill 15 Hive using a Blade's sword on Earth.

Eris_morn_bounty_icon1.jpg Cut to the Quick

"Against the Hive there is no reason to hold back. Unleash your Arc Blade and send their ashes to the wind." -Eris
  • Rapidly kill 10 Hive with Arc Blade.

Eris_morn_bounty_icon1.jpg Deadshot Collector

"Does the desire for currency unsettle your hands? Or does your aim remain, even when victory is not your only goal?" -Eris
  • Kill 50 Hive with precision damage while under the effect of a Black Wax Idol.

Eris_morn_bounty_icon1.jpg Hard Fall

"To merely slay them would be charity. Leave them in anguish." -Eris
  • Rapidly kill 4 Hive with a heavy weapon, 5 times. Death will reset your progress.

Eris_morn_bounty_icon1.jpg Husk Reaper

"The filth you collect holds no real value other than to remind the Hive that your Light is to be feared." -Eris
  • Collect 200 Husk Shards by defeating Hive on any destination.

Eris_morn_bounty_icon1.jpg Illuminator

"Spread your Light across these worlds as if it were a warning to the Darkness the Hive seek." -Eris
  • Generate 50 orbs of Light.

Eris_morn_bounty_icon1.jpg Let's Dance

"Let them in close. Then punish them for their ill-considered courage." - Eris
  • Rapidly Kill 7 enemies with a Melee attack.

Eris_morn_bounty_icon1.jpg Light the Dark

"To relent would be remorse. Show none. Give them only your complete and total fire" -Eris
  • Rapidly Kill 10 Hive with Grenade abilities while under the effect of Radiance.

Eris_morn_bounty_icon1.jpg One of Us

"Honor us, Guardian. Show the Hidden you have what it takes to join our ranks." -Eris
  • Kill 10 Hive Majors and Ultras with any of Eris' class items equipped.

Eris_morn_bounty_icon1.jpg Out of Sight

"Paradise is the sound of their last whispered breath." -Eros
  • Kill 15 Hive from behind.

Eris_morn_bounty_icon1.jpg Purifier

  • Kill 7 Hive at once with Nova Bomb.

Eris_morn_bounty_icon1.jpg Shine a Light

"Scar them with your Light." -Eris
  • Use a Solar or Arc ability to kill any 50 enemy.

Eris_morn_bounty_icon1.jpg Siege of the Warmind (Bounty)

  • Defend Rasputin in the "Siege of the Warmind" mission on Earth with the Heroic modifier active.

Eris_morn_bounty_icon1.jpg Sleight of Hand

"Balance the weight of your knife and let it fly. Practice makes perfect." -Eris
  • Defeat Hive with precision damage using your throwing knife.

Eris_morn_bounty_icon1.jpg The Cleansing

"The Darkness throws long shadows. Cut them down." -Eris
  • Kill 10 Majors or Ultras in a Nightfall activity.

Eris_morn_bounty_icon1.jpg The Unseen

"You are no assassin... But eliminating your target in that quiet calm is the hallmark of a survivor." -Eris
  • While invisible, land the killing blow on a Hive Wizard with a Sniper Rifle, 5 times.

Eris_morn_bounty_icon1.jpg The Wakening (Bounty)

"A fragment of Crota's Soul is trapped within his Vessel. As long as a sliver of his evil remains, he is a threat to us." -Eris
  • Stop the Hive from summoning Crota's soul in "The Wakening" on the Moon with the Heroic modifier active.

Eris_morn_bounty_icon1.jpg The Will of Crota (Bounty)

"Omnigul will stop at nothing to ensure Crota's reign. Kill her ... or watch the Light fade from these worlds." -Eris
  • Exterminate Omingul and her spawn in The Will of Crota Strike on Earth.

Eris_morn_bounty_icon1.jpg Unwavering Light

"A single day on the moon was an eternity of torment. Let them know my pain." -Eris
  • Complete 5 bounties in a single day.

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