Encrypted Engram

encrypted_engram _small.jpg
A matter engram wrapped in simple encryption. Sought after by crypto-archeologists working to uncover relics of the Golden Age.

Quality: Common

Obtained: Random drop or purchased from Cryptarch

Usage: Give them to the Cryptarch at The Tower to reveal the item inside.

Weapons and armor can be located within Encrypted Engrams. Engrams share the same rarities as other items in the game: Uncommon, Rare, Legendary and Exotic (They appear as glowing crystals in the world). Any enemy can potentially drop an Engram, though Majors and Ultras have a better chance of doing so. A coded Engram displays the type of item within, but to discover the exact item, you must take these Engrams back to the Cryptarch in the Tower. Very rare Engrams may contain additional bonus items, such as Glimmer or Ascendant Materials. Decrypting Engrams also raises your reputation with the Cryptarch.

( Note:) Engrams sometimes contain items of a different rarity than the Engram itself. This means that it is possible to find a Legendary item inside a Rare Engram.

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    • Depends on the encrypted engram to be honest, if its green decode away, blue decode away , purple decode away , yellow - save it til youre of higher light. Not to mention engrams are in surplus to be honest, you'll find plethoras of blue / green engrams whilst handfuls of purples here and there. Yellow engrams can be obtained from raid encounters / three of coin uses on bosses that are lucky dropped.

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