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Crucible Bounties

Icon & Name
Level & Objective

bounty_crucible.jpg All For One

Compete for honor. For pride. For survival. Band together and face a rival Fireteam in heated combat to test your mettle.
  • Complete 5 Skirmish Matches.

bounty_crucible.jpg Ash and Dust

Command the battlefield with heavy munitions. Familiarize yourself with Crux/Lomar's array of rocket launchers and teach your fellow Guardians how to take punishment.
  • Defeat 15 Guardians with a Rocket Launcher.

bounty_crucible.jpg Back Scratcher

Fight as a unit and protect your Fireteam. Individual glory will only lead to defeat.
  • Earn 50 Assists in the Crucible.

bounty_crucible.jpg Broken Scholar

Combat skills are hones through experience, and Guardians known there is not greater test than the trials of Crucible. Face your fellow Guardians in combat, and prove your might.
  • Defeat 25 Warlocks in the Crucible.

bounty_crucible.jpg Death or Glory

Compete for honor. For pride. For survival. Join with other Guardians to test your teamwork and combat skills.
  • Complete 5 Clash Matches.

bounty_crucible.jpg Dominion

Compete for honor. For pride. For survival. And master the strategies of battlefield control to become an even greater Guardian.
  • Complete 5 Control Matches.

bounty_crucible.jpg Electrocutioner

It takes patience and unwavering nerve to expertly wield a fusion rifle. Test your resolve.
  • Earn 10 Fusion Rifle Sprees in the Crucible.

bounty_crucible.jpg First Blood

There is no room for fear. Advance without hesitation.
  • Earn 3 First Blood medals

bounty_crucible.jpg Forged in Fire

Claim Victory in the Fires of the Crucible
  • Win 3 Crucible Matches.

bounty_crucible.jpg Headhunter

To eliminate a threat quickly, you must have unwavering focus and no mercy. Aim for the head, your enemy will surely do the same.
  • Defeat 50 Guardians with headshots.

bounty_crucible.jpg In the Zone

Skill is important, but teamwork and the ability to control a combat zone are the keys to victory. Show your fellow Guardians that strategy is as powerful as any weapon.
  • Capture 10 Zones in Control.

bounty_crucible.jpg Light the Way

Channel your Light to unleash devastation on your enemies. Show them what true power is, so they can truly understand what it means to be a Guardian of the City.
  • Defeat 15 Guardians using a Super.

bounty_crucible.jpg Longshot

Patience and a keen eye are hallmarks of an expert marksman. Teach your fellow Guardians that they cannot hide.
  • Defeat 15 Guardians with headshots using a Sniper Rifle.

bounty_crucible.jpg Never See You Coming

Learning to strike at the opportune time will go a long way toward ensuring your continued survival.
  • Defeat 10 Guardians from behind.

bounty_crucible.jpg No Riding Zone

Track enemy vehicles, and learn to dismount the riders by force.
  • Defeat 10 Guardians on Vehicles

bounty_crucible.jpg Party's Over

Removing hardened killers from the battlefield is key to victory. Track down your main threats and put an end to their sprees.
  • Earn 5 Enforcer medals.

bounty_crucible.jpg Pull The Pin

Learn how to use your grenade abilities for maximum effect.
  • Defeat 20 Guardians with Grenades.

bounty_crucible.jpg Reclamation

Compete for honor. For pride. For survival. Learn to salvage the secrets of our past by challenging your fellow Guardians in a hunt for relics.
  • Complete 5 Salvage Matches.

bounty_crucible.jpg Relic Hunter (Bounty)

You cannot afford to be distracted by thoughts of glory. Prove that you can stay focused on the mission.
  • Participate in 10 Salvage Zone captures.

bounty_crucible.jpg Revengeance

Violence breeds violence. Take your revenge on anyone who defeats you.
  • Earn 5 Postmortem medals.

bounty_crucible.jpg Shake the Pillars

Combat skills are honed through experience, and Guardians know there is no greater test than the trials of Crucible. Face your fellow Guardians in combat and prove your might.
  • Defeat 25 Titans in the Crucible.

bounty_crucible.jpg Stay Golden

Compete for honor. For pride. For survival. Test yourself in unrelenting combat to sharpen your resolve and find the limits of your courage.
  • Complete 5 Rumble Matches.

bounty_crucible.jpg Stopping Power

Find a nice little room and start a massacre.
  • Earn 10 Buckshot Bruiser medals.

bounty_crucible.jpg Target Practice

A quick draw and true aim will serve you well. Show you've got the reflexes and steady hand needed to survive in the wild.
  • Earn 10 Gunslinger medals.

bounty_crucible.jpg That's How I Roll

Eliminate threats en masse to break their spirits and gain momentum.
  • Earn 5 Multikill medals

bounty_crucible.jpg The Undying

Few can walk amongst the chaos of battle unfazed, but those who do are revered... and feared... like no others.
  • Earn a Mark of the Unbroken medal.

bounty_crucible.jpg The Wild Hunt

Combat skills are hones through experience, and Guardians known there is not greater test than the trials of Crucible. Face your fellow Guardians in combat, and prove your might.
  • Defeat 25 Hunters in the Crucible.

bounty_crucible.jpg Throw Down

Anyone can face adversity with an arsenal at their disposal. Close-quarters combat is a true reckoning of grit.
  • Defeat 20 Guardians with your melee attack.

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