A Light in the Dark

"The Weapons of Sorrow were born from forbidden use of the Hive's dark power. We thought them eradicated. But recent developments suggest one of these weapons may still exist in the Hive's Summoning Pits. " thorn.jpg

  • Obtained: This Bounty seems to be randomly awarded when turning in completed bounties. You may also be able to obtain this by reaching Vanguard Rank 2.
  • Reward: Thorn (Exotic Hand Cannon)
  • Steps
    • Complete the Strike mission The Summoning Pits on the Moon to acquire "Depleted Hand Cannon".
    • Earn 500 points by killing Hive enemies on the Moon.
      • 1 point gained per kill, 20 points per major, 50 points per ultra.
    • Use Void Damage to kill Guardians in the Crucible to acquire "Corrupted Hand Cannon". (Each kill gives 5 points and each death gives -2 points. You need a total of 500)
    • Go to ''The Speaker and purchase an "Infusion of Light", which costs 1 Mote of Light.
    • Use "Infusion of Light" on "Corrupted Hand Cannon"
    • Speak with Ikora Rey (Warlock Vanguard).
    • Kill Xyor, the Unwed in level 26 epic Strike mission The Summoning Pits to acquie "Unbound Thorn". (in order to get Xyor to spawn you must kill adds in the final bosses' room until he arrives by drop ship)
    • Speak with The Speaker to acquire Thorn

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