Uncommon Scout Rifles

Uncommon Scout Rifles for Destiny are listed below. Please click the Weapons if you wish to view further information.

Icon & Name Archetype Obtained by

jigoku_sr3_small.jpg Jigoku SR3

Briefly marred by a panic over explosive misfires, the SR3 proved itself as a capable multirole rifle.

jigoku_sr3-sl_small.jpg Jigoku SR3-SL

The flexible SR3-SL features a mag-float barrel and a self-maintaining receiver assembly.

mitternacht_sr3_small.jpg Mitternacht SR3

The polymer-ceramic SR3 is a lightweight weapon built to receive very heavy scopes.

singularity_s3_small.jpg Singularity S.3

An accurized Vanguard-issue scout rifle, harmonically tuned for precision fire.

trax_mallus_iii_small.jpg Trax Mallus III

This marksman rifle features a smart gel barrel bath usually found on sophisticated precision weapons.

valka_sr3_small.jpg Válka SR3

Contentious and light, a favorite of Guardians who demand a rifle that will never slow them down.

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