Sidearms are a class of special weapon introduced in the House of Wolves expansion. Unlike Hand Cannons, they have low impact but high rate of fire and reload rate, making them excellent backup weapons.


Legendary Sidearms

Legendary Sidearms for Destiny are listed below. Please click the Weapons if you wish to view further information.

Vestian Destiny icon.jpg Vestian Dynasty
A Reef scout hunts for years - fighting piracy and ancient traps - to crack one cache and claim the weapons within.
Legendary Acquired in House of Wolves

Note: Archetypes are sub-weapon classes within each weapon type. Guns of the same Archetype share fixed stat ranges on every stat. The stats are not the same for each gun, but all the guns in each Archetype will fall between the ranges of the Archetype. You can use this to get a better idea of what that particular gun is good at before you even look at it.

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