Red Eclipse Cloak

lead_scouts_cloak_small.jpeg Red Eclipse Cloak

Still we shine.

Quality: Legendary
Obtained: This cloak is no longer available for purchase.
Property: None


    • Why no longer available?25 Aug 2016 15:46  

      I'm sure many of people would want this cloak, not only because of it's features that help it be picked apart from other cloaks or class items, but because of how you need to earn it, and how unique it is. Not to be rude, but I grinded a long time to get it when I was new to the game, and now my hunter is level 34 and I can't get it because of the new dlc taking it out, and replacing it with worse cloaks that not one person has bought since their release? Again, not being rude or argueing, but the cloak was awesome. People still have it, an I would've wanted to be like one of those people. But, since trading is a new thing coming soon, I've got nothing to complain about. <br/> <br/>Thanks for reading if you did

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