Legendary Pulse Rifles

Legendary Pulse Rifles for Destiny are listed below. Please click the Weapons if you wish to view further information.

Icon & Name Archetype Obtained by
123_syzygy_small.png 123 Syzygy
All in a row.
33_trustfall_small.png 33 Trustfall
It wants to be your friend…until it doesn't.
55A-allFATE small.jpg 55A-allFATE
To each a purpose, and to all a fitting end.
Aegis of the Kell small.jpg Aegis of the Kell
For this judgment, there is no protection.
Aegis of the Kell small.jpg Aegis of the Kell II
For this judgment, there is no protection.


Bad Seed Down

An unforgiving environment breeds unforgiving killers.

Black_poltergeist_ms_small.png Black Poltergeist MS

A rapid-action Nadir firearm earned through glory in the Crucible.

Coiled_hiss_1919_small.png Coiled Hiss 1919

Watch your step.


Fair and Square
A formidable burst-fire, precision rifle, custom-rigged for Crucible combat. Scrupulously devoted to fair play.
Marksman 150xCrucible Marks
Hopscotch Pilgrim small.jpg Hopscotch Pilgrim
It's a long road. Enjoy it.

hyderbad_pr4_small.png Hyderabad PR4

A superior firearm, battleworn but proven by years of reliable service on the frontier.
KAU8 Constellation Scar small.jpg KAU8 Constellation Scar
Constellations are an artifact of perspective.

Oversoul_Edict_small.png Oversoul Edict

The light of the will of Crota shines down like a vast and inverse sun.

Painted_Lebanon_PR5_small.png Painted Lebanon PR5

A Daito firearm earned through glory in the Crucible.
Payment VI small.jpg Payment VI
Paladin Hallam Fen commissioned this weapon in memory of his mentor, Paladin Imogen Rife.


Praedyth's Timepiece
"He skipped like a stone on time's ocean. This is what's left." - Unknown

Primed_singularity_ms_small.png Primed Singularity MS

A Nadir firearm earned through glory in the Crucible.


Skorri's Revenge
A burst-fire weapon forged in fire by the Lords of the Iron Banner.

snappy_omolon_ar3_small.png Snappy. Omolon AR3.



Strange Suspect
Certainly not one of the usual suspects.


Super Pox VLO
Found in a null-g hangar, drifting alongside fourteen limbless and decapitated Fallen corpses.

Suros_tmr-4_small.png SUROS TMR-4

A well-balanced Suros firearm earned through glory in the Crucible.

tango_de_nada_small.png Tango De Nada

The dead don't dance.


The Conduit
A burst-fire weapon named and sanctified by the leaders of the Future War Cult.


The Messenger
A prestigious trophy earned in battle during the Trials of Osiris.


The Ninth Edict
An Awoken gift from the Reef, marked with the Queen's crown.

three_little_words_small.png Three Little Words

It's not enough to say them. You've got to MEAN them.

time_on_target_small.png Time On Target

Three rounds rapid.

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